Guard Your Heart


The Navajos or as they refer to themselves, “Dine” are a wise people of the Southwest United States. This week’s thoughts center on a Navajo philosophy:

‘Thoughts are like arrows; once released they strike their mark. Guard them well or one day you may be your own victim.’

How many times do we put on a face of acceptance of another while formulating an arrow for the target? We may think thoughts do not have any power, but indeed they do! Consider the psychology of sports - visualize your success, tell yourself to be successful, and think successful thoughts about the game, your teammates, the coach, and the fans. All of a sudden, you have changed reality to be one of winning. It is also true with our relationship with God and Jesus. You cannot feed the sheep if you hate the sheep and think poorly of them. So, when you are spring cleaning, take stock of your thoughts. Do they need some cleaning and freshening? Remember, sin can take any form and the evil one can be pretty sneaky by invading your thoughts even if your actions are acceptable. Pray that you can have thoughts of caring for others and not let those arrows come around and hit you in a tender place!

Blessings, Nancy Trimble Deacon

Nancy Trimble