Providing for Us


God isn’t going to let you see the distant scene. So you might as well quit looking for it. He promises a lamp unto our feet, not a crystal ball into the future. We do not need to know what will happen tomorrow. We only need to know He Leads. (Max Lucado from Traveling Light).

We are a society of looking forward into the future or bemoaning the problems of the past. We push our children into their future lives before they are even there. This escalates stress in parents and children, opens the door to illness related to stress, and destroys our relationship with God our provider. Perhaps we need to simplify our expectations knowing we are the sheep of His fold and He is leading and providing for us. Tomorrow will come despite our plans. The constant here is that God is with us. So today, appreciate the marvels of the spring, knowing that God is walking with you and leading you despite yourself. Learn to look in the now and not always down the road or you will miss something meaningful that God has placed there just for you.

Blessings, Deacon Nancy Trimble

Nancy Trimble