A sacred delight


Continuing in the meditations and devotions by Max Lucado; this stood out to me with this week’s reading.

Those people who know they have great spiritual needs are happy, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Matthew 5:3.

God promises sacred delight. He promises it to an unlikely crowd:

The poor in spirit - Beggars in God’s soup kitchen.
Those who mourn - Sinners Anonymous bound together by the truth of their introduction: Hi, I’m a sinner.
The merciful - Winners of the lottery jackpot and share the prize with their enemies.
The pure in heart - Physicians who love lepers and escape infection. (for us, people with HIV-AIDS)
The peacemakers - Architects who build bridges with wood from a Roman cross
The persecuted - Those who manage to keep an eye on heaven while walking through hell on earth.

It is to this band of pilgrims that God promises a special blessing. A heavenly joy. A sacred delight.

Loving God, let me recognize those whom you hold fast in your favor in their sufferings and extend compassion, not retribution for their struggles. Loving God, bestow on me your wisdom for life as I and many experience it. May all the woes be opportunity to know you better and to love others even more. Amen.

This Sunday, we’ll be blessed by music from the Baroque’N Bells and we will honor a servant who gave time and talents to the ministry of St Mark’s Lutheran. It will be a great day at church.

Blessings, Deacon Nancy Trimble

Nancy Trimble