Challenge: Acceptance


Get along with each other, and forgive each other. If someone does wrong to you,
forgive that person because the Lord forgave you. Colossians 3:13

St. Mark’s has been challenged over the years by division, upset, power imbalance, gossip, and other such issues. The split in 2008-09 caused by the ELCA decision on sexuality hurt many churches. Max Lucado notes that unity does not begin in examining others, but in examining one’s self. Unity does not demand that others change, but in admitting that we are not so perfect ourselves. The answer to arguments? Acceptance. The first step to unity? Acceptance. Not agreement - acceptance. Not unanimity - acceptance. Not negotiation, arbitration, or elaboration - acceptance! Those might come later but only after the first step of acceptance. In acceptance, we hear the other person. In acceptance, we do not label, scorn, or disdain the other. As we accept, anger can drain away and our souls are made whole again. Acceptance is a core challenge for the church and much of our society today.

I would love to meet with you - even at your home if helpful. I am in the St Mark’s office on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday 10 to 2.

Blessings, Nancy Trimble LSIM Deacon


THIS Sunday!

Soup Cook-off at Fellowship Time!

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Sun, Feb 24

Art work will be dedicated in memory of Clermont Brown

Nancy Trimble