Grub Worm Hell


From the pastor's desk,


My neighbors and I are both experiencing  a sudden influx of grub worms in our yards.  Almost overnight our once beautiful and richly grassed lawn experienced myriads of brown spots, indicating that our grass was dead.  We discovered that the grub worms had been chewing the roots off the grass blades, thus killing the grass.

We both immediately rushed to Menards and purchased bags of grub worm killer, returned home and spread the granules that promised death to the yard killers.  My neighbor then went to his computer to find out more about the worms.  He was shocked to find that of the many brands of grub worm killer, only two actually have the substance that spells death to the worms.  Of course, both of us had purchased a brand that did not contain the killing substance.  We had purchased that brand because the picture of grub worms looked more impressive than the others.  We went once again to Menards and bought the right stuff and applied it, properly watered it and are waiting for the worms to make it to grub hell.

Jesus tells us that He is the Way, the Truth  and the Life.  He alone is able to bring life from those dead in their graves, which He will do on the final day earth will exist.   There are many religions besides the Christian faith.  They make great claims about their so called gods, much like the makers of the false grub killer.  Jesus is the only one that can kill the greatest of all diseases, sin.  His death on the cross on Good Friday has destroyed the effects of sin by paying the cost of our redemption with His death.  He alone can and will open every grave, bring forth our decayed bodies and instantly cloth us with a new and holy and perfect body and then whisk us off to Heaven.  All this will be done as quick as a blink of an eye.

We need not "try" different religions.  We need not "read up"  about the other religions that are not Christ based, for like the bags of false grub worms killer that look great and promise instant death to the hated worm, their propaganda is filled with falsehoods.  They can promise nothing because their so called god is only a figment of their imagination and is based upon the false and man-made statements from men who dreamed up a false belief system.

We have THE one and only true God, who has slain death and the grave.  Jesus is the REAL DEAL.  If you want to have a life of joy and certainty about your after death destination, choose JESUS,  you will never be disappointed.

Peace and Power in His Name

Pastor John

PS  I thought that our outdoor service and hot-dog stand went well Sunday.  Thanks to all who helped prepare, setup, and serve. We will have to do something about the loud cars, perhaps if we started our service earlier next year, we would not experience the loud muffler interruptions when they park their fancy, beautiful cars. 


This is the final week to help with the ELCA God’s Work - Our Hands project - LSIM & St Mark’s are collecting clothing and personal items to help the homeless in Downtown Dayton this fall. If you can bring a few items this Sunday - there will be a collection box in the narthex outside the sanctuary! Your help is appreciated!


Mary Anne Blazer is looking for a few folks willing to learn to play handbells for this holiday season - if you have never touched a bell before, but would be interested in giving it a try - there is a beginner workshop just for you! This Sat at 1pm - come see if you have what it takes to join and help!


John Place