From Death to Life


From the pastor's desk,


Isaiah 11:1  "There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from His roots shall bear fruit"

I recall so vividly the beauty in the flowers in our front flower beds and the flowering trees in the spring.  In the fall of the year we also observed the splendor of our Japanese Maples and October Glory Maple tree as well as our neighbors huge Sugar Maple.  For about 2-3 weeks we observed their beauty  but now I see no life or beauty in the landscape anywhere.  The trees are lifeless with no leaves on them.  The flowers have all disappeared. BUT I know that come spring the beauty will return in the flowers and also the trees.

The trees and flowers that look dead in winter will come alive and once again bring beauty to the landscape.  We know for certain that this will take place and we look forward to the new life.  Likewise, I have seen new sprouts come forth from the edge of stumps that have been removed from our yard. Soon a new tree comes forth from this sprout and brings forth beauty.  

Likewise God takes a dead person and will bring him back to life on the day of Resurrection.  Like we have certainty that the trees and flowers will come to life again in the spring, we have certainty that we will rise from the dead and come forth with a new and perfect body that is now fit to live in Heaven.  As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let us remember that it was his life that has brought us a new life and this life is beautiful.  The God-Child born in a lonely stable promises a beautiful life living in His mansion above that will take place beyond our graves.  Yes, we will go from death to life.

See you in church this Sunday

Pastor John

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