Lord, Hear My Plea


From the pastor's desk,


When you love someone and that 'someone' is suffering day in and day out for months on end, you grieve for that someone.  You feel emotion that you've never felt before.  Your love aches and you cry at those tough moments.  You also fill the heavens with prayers asking the Lord for healing for your loved one.  You pray much - more than you've ever prayed before.  You want to cry out, "LORD, HEAR MY PLEA AND HEAL THE ONE I LOVE AND I KNOW YOU LOVE.

It has been a very difficult 3 1/2 months for Bess.  It all began July 22 with a sharp pain in her chest and an immediate spike in her blood pressure that was nearly off the walls.  Just a day or two after that her energy suddenly left and she began trembling.  All she could do was lay on the couch all day long, her fatigue continued to grow day by day.  I have felt helpless as I have stood by every day.  I have sensed that my love for her has taken on a greater feeling of compassion. I have known that I have always loved her but I sense that my love for her has grown exponentially and I have had a surge of strength as I have taken on duties that normally were hers.  I want to make her comfortable and help her in every way. What a feeling to sense a growth in love.

Of course we have seen doctors many times.  The trips have been numerous.  There has been hope, then hope has been dashed.  We tried Cleveland Clinic, but found no help. Our family physician after many tests without answers felt overwhelmed.  We had to find another doctor, but the waiting times are months long.  Two months passed and we finally found a Neurologist who would see her.  We felt relief, at last, help was on our side. Numerous tests were ordered.  We felt hope.  In the meantime, a heart specialist saw her this past Tuesday.  He spent a lot of time with her, went over some tests, reviewed the time line of events starting with what happened on July 22.  He feels quite certain that her problems are due to an artery blockage. Next Thursday, Nov. 15, Bess will undergo a Heart Cath. We look forward to it, and pray it will expose the problem so she can be healthy again.

Bess' health issues have brought a flood of overwhelming feelings I have not experienced before.  Jesus said that we are to love one another, but I have discovered that the compassion found in love grows in new ways when one ministers to his or her ailing partner.  I pray that Bess regains her strength will be soon

Yes, love is a great thing.  The love of Jesus is much, much greater.  In His love for us, He gave His life.  His love for us is what drives us to do many different things to comfort and serve our loved ones when they need our assistance.

Peace and Power in His Love

Pastor John

John Place