Thank You Lord!


From the pastor's desk,

We can breathe again.  Life that seemed to be drifting away has suddenly turned around.  The two arteries, one having a 99% blockage and the other a 80% blockage in the main artery represented  a certain heart attack, a stroke or death awaited Bess if the doctor had not acted as quickly as he did.  Her 4 months of growing weaker and weaker is now over and she already has begun to regain some of her lost strength starting last Thursday at the Richmond hospital.

How does one react to such wonderful news.  Prayers have been answered.   I will tell you how we respond.  We have thanked the Lord for snatching away a heart attack, stroke, or potential death - all of which were absolutely possible.  We are grateful!  I felt like shouting so all could hear, "Thank you Lord for saving my wife".  

Suddenly one realizes how precious life is in a new way.  Life is to be appreciated during both good times and tough times.  Each day must be seen as a gift from God.  Life is to be used to give glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  This is how we give thanks to the Lord of Life.  Bess has so missed being in church as she missed worshiping the Lord she loves.  She can't wait to return and with gusto sing the praises of the Lord who has given her a new lease on life and for the wisdom He granted to the doctor to perform the heart cath she desperately needed to save her life.  All this has brought a heightened joy and gratitude higher than any previously experienced.

Sunday we will be placing our 2019 pledge cards on the altar.  The amount we pledge to give to the Lord each week is a sign of our gratitude for the gift of eternal life and the Lord's forgiveness.  As we look back on Calvary we once again see the Lord suffering unbelievable pain, bleeding and finally dying.  In great joy and gratitude we breathe the words, "He did it all for me and I am eternally grateful."  May the amount we place upon our pledge cards be a true account of our GRATITUDE.

See you in Church Sunday,

Pastor John

John Place