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From the pastor's desk,

Gonxha Bojaxhiu who lived in Albania as a child, grew up to a height far shy of five feet yet became a GIANT for the Lord.  I'm talking of course about Mother Teresa.  Her father and mother laid the foundation for her service to the poor in Calcutta, India.  It was not unusual for both her parents to invite their poor relatives and beggars they had met on the streets(complete strangers) to sup with them. Her father often gave money to people who had fallen on hard times.  Other times he would help a man repair his home or some furniture that had broken. Her mother often took Gonxha and her brother and sister out into the streets and give food to those lying in the street and unable to walk.  They also would wash their hands, arms  and face so they would not bring dirt into their mouths when eating.  The three children were often told, "Jesus loves the poor and so must we, but when we love the poor we must help them any way we can.  It is not enough to just say, 'we love the poor - we show it by how we help them' ".  This statement which was repeated often made a tremendous impression on Gonxha and got her to thinking how she could help the poor.  She was only six when she began to think how she could accomplish this.

Eventually she entered the Convent in Ireland where she was trained for ministry in India.  Her brother Lazar tried to discourage her from going, saying, "Don't you know you are going to bury yourself alive in the middle of nowhere".  She was angry and said, "I suppose you think you are important because you serve your King Zog of Albania, well, I am serving the King of the whole world".

For 20 years Mother Teresa taught school and told the story of Jesus to her students.  She loved the work but began to feel she needed to do more.  She received permission to start her own Mission called "Missionaries of Charity".  The rest of her story is well known.  She lived among the poor, ministered to them, brought them medicine, fought for housing for the homeless and brought hope to the poorest of the poor.

God has given us all a calling to love Jesus and in our love to be ready to respond to needs.  James 2:26 says, "Faith without works is dead".

See you in church Sunday as we celebrate All Saints Sunday,

Pastor John

John Place