From the pastor's desk,

First I want to thank both Doug and Marydell for conducting the worship service in my absence.  From my sources, I have heard that both did a GREAT JOB of sharing the message of Jesus.  People felt blessed both Sunday's.  It is a great blessing to have members step up and be the "preacher for the day" and do it with confidence and power.


I have walked in many graveyards in my lifetime.  I am always interested in the names, the ages of those deceased and what is written on their tombstones about them.  When I taught Catechism classes to the youth in my churches I would always conduct the lesson on the Resurrection in a graveyard.  I found the youth to be very interested in what Jesus said about the day of the Resurrection.  I would ask them, "Imagine that Jesus made today to be the last day, what do you think it would be like here?"  From their answers and the expressions on their faces I could tell that their understanding of the Resurrection and their faith had taken a leap forward.  Praise the Lord.

One thought I have had about the graveyard is this:  Suppose that two people who had loved one another very much while they were still alive, heard the trumpet blast by the angels calling the dead to come  forth from their graves. One was a true believer in Christ, the other not.  One will be decked out with a new and perfect body fit for Heaven, the other will not have this experience.  As the Christian is then flown by the Lord to Heaven above, will there be a moment with the Christian will see that the one he/she loved on earth will not be joining her/him?  Will there be a moment of pain at this realization that the loved one was foolish for not loving and trusting in Jesus and now he will be paying the price for his stubbornness to say "Yes" to Jesus.  They were side by side in their graves, but now there will be a great gulf between them.  One will be in Heaven praising and thanking the Lord and the other will be eternally miserable in Hell.  The graveyard is only a temporary home for both and may last many centuries but the home beyond the time spent in the grave will be for all eternity.

We pray for the stubborn unbelievers, that they will come to their senses and believe the truth which is "Jesus lives", and one day will separate the sheep from the goats, the sheep being Christians and the goats the non-believers.

Looking forward to seeing all of you this Sunday as we celebrate on Reformation Sunday,

Pastor John

John Place