LSIM is a consortium of ELCA Lutheran congregations organized around the purpose of joint mission;

1) pursuing economies of scale
2) mutual growth in discipleship
3) service to our respective communities

Working Together

The Consortium currently consists of 4 churches: Abiding Christ Lutheran in Fairborn (the LSIM anchor church), Arise in Christ in Donnelsville, St Marks in Fairborn, and Good Shepherd in West Milton.  It was enabled in September of 2010 when it petitioned the Council of the Southern Ohio Synod to allow its creation through a resolution of joint agreement. The anchor church provides complete services for all congregations, the other congregations focus on local strengths in order to create disciples and strengthen local mission.  Each congregation and its facility are used to enhance the total vision for mission. Each congregation is a member of the ELCA Southern Ohio Synod, and part of the ELCA Northwest Ohio Synod


Walk with the Cross

Good Friday 2019


Celtic Worship

March 2019 @ St Marks